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                                                            Laura & her nephew, Justin

Laura, the former president of Accentuating Service, founded the company in April, 2013 and decided to become a "freelancer" or part-timer in April 2021. Although she has taken on a wide range of client projects, most of her work consists of providing expert resume writing and editing, career coaching, and prepping people for interviews. She has done a fair amount of life coaching, as well, and has served as a medical procedure escort on a number of occasions.


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Prior to launching Accentuating Service and, then, Laura J. Lieff, Laura was the president of M/L Legal Search Inc., the legal recruiting company that she founded in November,1996. At her recruiting company, Laura placed attorneys into law firms worldwide. She was a legal recruiter for almost 30 years. 

Laura has experience as an advertising executive of a top New York-based advertising agency and as administrative assistant to a Senior Vice President of a major publishing company. She has other business experience as well. Laura has a B.A. in English from Brooklyn College and was licensed to teach high school English in New York. Laura graduated from college at age 20 and has lived in the upper east side of Manhattan (10065) for most of her life. She is a native New Yorker.


Laura's clients would describe her as being client-oriented, responsible and reliable, very intelligent, empathic, professional, fair-minded and honest. They might add that she has a great sense of humor and can be very charming. Laura has a lot of integrity. 

                                                                The U.S. Open - 2012

Laura's interests include the following:  family and friends, business, socializing, golf and tennis, movies, music, the theater, the other arts, travel, nature and humor.


Most of all, Laura enjoys assisting, encouraging, and inspiring others. She is a creative and strategic thinker who gives excellent advice, when asked, and who truly loves what she does for a living.



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Available for speaking engagements, especially those involving resumes, careers for English majors, and dating advice (for all)

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Contact Laura, today, to schedule your free 15-minute talk! 212.688.6506